There are several reasons that people visit Kiawah Island. They will come to this island to take advantage of all the natural beauty that is found on the island. The water itself is considered one of the best bodies of water in the United States. Kiawah Island is known for its’ abundance of marshes and beaches.

Tourists love coming to the island to enjoy the natural beauty found on this beautiful island. One of the most popular activities that are done on the beach is swimming. Most beaches on the island allow swimmers to use the public restrooms and there are times that these restrooms will charge a fee.

If you would like to swim without paying any money, you can rent a lifeguard station and use it throughout the summer. Another great attraction on the beach is the Charleston boardwalk. The Charleston boardwalk is the longest continuously operating mill in the state of South Carolina.

You can spend your entire day shopping at the various shops located on the beach. The nature center is another place that is found on Kiawah Island. The nature center features several exhibits and features a museum. If you are looking for a day trip somewhere else, you will be able to find many different day trips available.

Kiawah is just thirty minutes from the Hilton Head Island tourist area. On your way to the island, you will want to stop into the gift shop and see the various items that are for sale. There are also several fine dining restaurants that are located on the beach. The quality of the restaurants varies, but most of them offer excellent meals and beverages.

Some people who visit Kiawah Island in summer may stay on the beach during the day and then go exploring the countryside of Beaufort. Many visitors choose to rent a car so they can explore the countryside on their own. The one-day trip that people enjoy is taking the Jeepney to Beaufort.

The trip takes about four hours and includes a dinner at a restaurant that is located on Beaufort Beach. There are several hiking paths and beaches that make this a great day trip for families or even individuals who like to do something different during their vacation.

The Lowcountry of Kiawah Island is located less than an hour from the town of Beaufort. The terrain of the island is very beautiful and there are several boat tours that visitors can take. Some of these boats will allow you to explore the many beaches in the area.

If you would rather not tour the beaches on your own, you can hire a charter for your trip. You will have to fill out a special permit if you are going to use a charter. However, it is well worth it for the unique experience that you will have toured the low country on a boat.

Besides the boat tours, another fun thing to do while visiting Kiawah is enjoying the natural wildlife of the island. There are two national parks that are located in the Lowcountry: Blanket Island Beaches and St. Ann’s River Beaches. In addition to the wildlife, there are also beaches where you can swim and snorkel, which are often full of rare species of birds and marine life.

There are many other things to do on Kiawah Island beside the beaches and boat tours. The island is also known for its historical significance. Many of the artifacts from the 1800s have been restored and are on display in the museums on the island.

There are many ghost stories and other history-based attractions as well. And of course, the beaches, the weather, and the relaxed atmosphere make it a popular destination for day trips from Charleston. Now, if you are thinking of going to Kiawah island, please closely refer to this great guide to ensure that you maximize your stay!