Expert tip: Invite guests to help plan your reception by asking them for song requests on RSVP cards, then adding these songs to your DJ’s playlist for an impressive dancefloor mix.

Grooms can add flair to their boutonnieres by including unique designs like buttons, feathers, pinecones or shells in their boutonnieres. Also make sure that a memento such as this turntable or Jenga blocks from your guest book are included as keepsakes!

Personalize Your Playlist

If you want your guests to take great photos with memorable props without going all-out with a photo booth, give each guest an Instax camera as a unique keepsake of your big day! They’ll love taking memories together as memories.

Give your guests something truly practical as wedding favors; give them something useful such as personalized coasters or heart-shaped coasters – even something as fun as flip flops so that they can dance the night away!

Make your guests’ experience enjoyable with an engaging game to get everyone talking! Ping pong, cricket or giant garden Jenga are all great options that can be customized specifically to your event and are an engaging way to keep children and adults alike engaged!

Customize Your Boutonniere

If you’re hiring a florist to create your bouquet, ask for sturdy blooms that can withstand hugs and kisses throughout the day – such as spray roses, ranunculus and tulips with plenty of greenery.

Embroidery can add an elegant finishing touch to any wedding decoration item, like cocktail napkins. Personalise these special pieces by embroidering initials, dates, or messages to make for a distinctive and cost-effective wedding decoration idea.

Give your guests something to talk about throughout the evening by gifting them with custom swag bags filled with entertaining wedding favors, which will keep them engaged and satisfied. This will keep everyone feeling engaged and content!

Customize Your Table Numbers

Sure, table numbers serve a practical function at weddings; but that doesn’t preclude them from becoming an eye-catching decor feature! From chalkboard signs to photo frames displaying table numbers in creative ways, there are tons of creative ways you can personalize them and add personal flair.

If you and your partner both love trainers, why not use some of your favourite trainers’ names as table names? Or if films are something that has special meaning for both of you, perhaps include titles from movies that mean something to both of you?

Travel enthusiasts might like to name their tables after cities, states and countries that hold special significance to them; literary buffs could go the literary route by choosing some of their favorite authors or books as table names; for a colorful approach choose different colors of the rainbow as table monikers.

Customize Your Seating Chart

If you’re planning on assigning tables, a seating chart will make it easier for guests to locate their seats. Consult with your venue hosts first to gain an understanding of how many can fit at each table and the layout of their space before creating a spreadsheet for this purpose.

Make the event more intimate for your guests by organizing your guest list by relationship rather than alphabetically; this can help ensure they sit with people they already know.

If you don’t want to use an Excel-based spreadsheet app or would prefer something tangible, an alternative approach may be using Post-It notes and index cards as physical maps of your wedding seating chart. This allows for easy experimentation with different layouts until one works well enough that everyone can see it. Once complete, simply hang up your seating chart where all attendees can easily see it!

Customize Your Favors

Gift your guests a favor they will remember fondly from your wedding, such as one of these unique wedding trends! It will leave an unforgettable impression.

Make the occasion extra memorable for everyone by creating personalized napkins for each guest at your event, featuring special messages such as date, location or names of all of those involved – something your guests won’t soon forget!

An attractive idea would be to name each table after something meaningful to both of you, like a movie, location or food item that your guests can easily identify as their seat. This will add a fun and unforgettable touch for everyone attending your celebration!

Or you can host a musical chairs tournament to get everyone up and moving and creating great photos! This activity is sure to provide plenty of laughs while providing stunning memories!

Customize Your Centerpieces

There are various ways you can tailor your centerpieces to the theme of your wedding reception. For example, if you’re going for a boho vibe, pampas grass and simple greenery could work nicely; or experiment with different floral varieties by filling each vase with them – creating an eclectic look!

Or go minimalist by placing only one flower per vase, such as pairing hydrangeas and peonies for an elegant display.

DIY enthusiasts may wish to create centerpieces from simple materials like burlap, mason jars or wine corks for an eye-catching presentation at their dinner parties. By getting guests involved with creating these decorations themselves and getting them dancing as soon as they play, your event is sure to become memorable and enjoyable! Consider giving each table their own song name/lyric that they must dance along to when playing!

Customize Your Guest Book

Make your guest book memorable by encouraging guests to express themselves creatively through art. Set out a table of pretty card stock, colored pencils and stickers and invite your guests to write whatever comes to them as the mood strikes – then tie completed cards together into scrolls with ribbon for an impressive memento of their visit! Alternatively, try including photographs from your relationship along with pages for guests to write messages and well-wishes if traditional looks is more your style.

Host a social media minute to encourage guests to share photos from the day on social media (just make sure that Instagram stories don’t expire within 24 hours!). Or get creative by placing turntable or Jenga pieces out for guests to sign when entering. This will serve as a charming reminder of your special day whenever the two of you play games together!

Customize Your Table Games

Offer interactive games at your event to get guests up and moving – everything from ping pong and giant garden Jenga to cricket will surely prove popular among guests. Any activity which fosters socialization and teamwork will likely prove a hit among guests!

Are you searching for an unforgettable alternative to photo booths at your event? A slideshow sing-along could be just what the doctor ordered! Gather friends and family together to embarrass the groom with pictures from college before having him laugh it off with his new wife in front of all guests.

Personalised napkins are an easy and elegant way to add a unique touch to cocktail, appetizer and dessert tables. Choose a color, script or message to make these napkins truly standout from the competition. As favors that will continue growing long after your wedding has come and gone.