If you have decided to start your own online business, you need a domain name for your website. Your domain name is the unique name for your website. It’s like your telephone number or desk name on a physical address. You don’t want anyone else to use your actual name.

But you don’t want to be too generic. You should have plenty of information related to your business in your domain name, and it should be short and memorable. You might have heard that when you buy domain names, they cost a lot of money. That’s true. But you shouldn’t pay top dollar for your name.

There are lots of free names available. Some of them are even free. Go ahead and use some of them for your website. The mistake some people make is registering their business with the first name they come across. They realize later that it wasn’t the right name.

In order to avoid that, register your domain name with several variations. Use one version for internal business communications and another with your website. Don’t register your domain name using your last name. You might be lucky if you get lucky and include some of your middle names or some of your original names.

But chances are that the registered version of your domain name will already be taken. Don’t go through all that trouble just to save a few bucks. Think of all the other variations you can use instead. Look no further and save time when you decide to use this handy domain checker tool.

Your domain name should reflect the nature of your business. So if you sell greeting cards, you would not have your domain name cards. Try to avoid using words like “shop” or “commerce” because they will only reflect negatively on your business.

If you have a blog, avoid including the word “free”. A free blog is not an online store. It is not a place where you can shop for products. People visit blogs to read about current happenings or learn something new. Do not fill up your blog with ads.

Avoid using long domain names that consist of one or more of your primary domain words. For example, if you are selling greeting cards, you could have your domain name as simply “cards”. Avoid the use of hyphenated words.

The hyphens are not part of the main keywords in the domain name. You can have your domain name be anything up to one thousand characters long but it has to be short. Once you get your domain name, register it. Make sure it is exactly the way you want it to be. Don’t use initials, stop words, or other difficult variants.

Once it is registered, it is yours to use as you wish. There is no point in registering the name if you never use it. And that is the whole point of having an online business. When you have your domain name for an online business, you are ready to start registering some web hosting accounts.

Since this is your online business, you will want to use your domain name for your web hosting. Hosting is important because it gives you the ability to have a presence on the internet. Without a website, you don’t have an online business. Web hosting allows you to place your site on the internet and makes it accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Once you have registered your domain name for your web hosting, you need to get yourself a domain name that describes what your business is about. Choose a domain name that is easy for people to remember and spell. Think about what types of products or services your online business offers.

Is it based on a theme? Make the domain name reflects what type of business you have. Once you have chosen your domain name, you are ready to actually register the domain. You will want to make sure that you get the URL of your website directly typed into the domain name.

This is important because if someone types in the wrong domain name, they won’t be able to get to your website. Also, when you register your domain name, you are locking the domain from other people so they can’t change it. When you register your domain name for online business, you will be creating an asset that you can use for years to come.

By choosing a good name for your online presence, you will be able to build a solid customer base that can turn into loyal repeat customers over time. This makes your online business one that can earn a substantial profit.