In today’s complex logistics landscape, routing optimization is the key to improving delivery efficiency. While the technology itself is not new, it has only recently been implemented in practice. It is a key tool that helps organizations improve delivery times and reduce total routing costs, while simultaneously increasing disruption handling abilities and customer SLAs. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the current solutions. In addition to routing optimization, we’ll explore the capabilities of delivery software and intelligent vehicles.


Onfleet’s route optimization algorithm, like using TourSolver, takes multiple factors into account: pickup and delivery locations, drivers’ schedules, vehicle capacities, and historical traffic data. By default, the optimization engine considers only daytime, and routes that cross day boundaries will be shown as the first day. You can manually update the time zone and date of a route before optimization starts. You can select up to 100 drivers for a single optimization.

With three route optimization plans, Onfleet offers features like unlimited drivers, driver-to-dispatch and customer chats, fleet dispatch, and predictive ETA notifications. The company also offers several advanced features such as private label tracking pages, disparate dashboards, and email support. The company’s customer support team is available round-the-clock to answer questions and provide help. To make the most of Onfleet’s route optimization software, you can sign up for a free trial or try it for a full 30-day trial.

While Onfleet is a high-end solution, it’s also expensive. For the same number of drivers, you can get an affordable alternative that costs only $266 per month. Ultimately, route optimization will increase your driver’s productivity and keep customers happy. Manually optimizing routes can take countless hours of your time and can lead to human errors. So, why wait? Sign up today to start enjoying Onfleet’s benefits.

Onfleet’s routing optimization software is capable of visualizing delivery routes, and automatically calculating the best routes for your drivers. It also factors in traffic, capacity, and time. Once the optimal routes are calculated, Onfleet updates you in real-time with updates on your drivers’ location and performance. This eliminates the guesswork that comes with route planning. Onfleet’s powerful route optimization engine can help you save time and money by identifying bottlenecks.

Badger Maps

Route planning can be time-consuming, but the new tools offered by Badger Maps can help you optimize your entire business. Badger connects with CRMs like Salesforce and automatically organizes customer data on a map. It then uses advanced analytics to create the optimal route and push it to your calendar. It takes traffic into account and filters customers by specific criteria. Once you’ve optimized your routes, you can use them to save time and money when it comes to locating new customers.

Sales reps can use Badger to streamline their prospecting and follow-up process. By using their optimized routes, sales reps can save time and improve their efficiency. This tool even enables them to schedule a follow-up call to a high-value account. Badger allows you to filter your customers based on days since their last visit, business type, and more. With the various filters, you can easily identify the prospects with the highest value and focus on them.

Badger Maps also allows you to export routes to Excel, GPX, and ICS files. Badger also allows you to import your contacts and accounts into your Route4Me Address Book so that you can view and manage them wherever you are. And since Badger maps also integrate with your Outlook calendar, you can export your routes to Badger Maps without any hassle. Alternatively, you can export your routes to Outlook Calendar and switch back to Route4Me.

In addition to routing customers by address, Badger can also uncover potential customers in your sales territory and add them to your route. This means you can skip missed appointments and find new prospects. This makes it possible for you to crush your quota. This innovative sales software makes the job of sales reps so much easier. With Badger Maps, your sales team can reach prospective clients and prospects at their homes or offices. Achieve your sales targets and crush your sales quota with ease.

Onfleet’s Delivery Software

Onfleet’s delivery software allows customers to track the progress of their deliveries. The software also provides direct communication between drivers, dispatchers, and call centers, allowing owners and dispatchers to resolve issues in real-time. This software can also help companies improve their overall delivery operations by tracking all drivers, and ensuring that shipments arrive on time. It is worth a closer look at how Onfleet can help you meet your delivery goals.

Route optimization allows you to set parameters that ensure a driver will arrive at his destination on time and avoid missing any deliveries. This is accomplished by balancing the number of tasks assigned to each driver and the number of hours that each driver will spend at the pickup/delivery location. This will reduce overall costs by keeping the number of miles driven by workers to a minimum and will allow for any unforeseen violations within the delivery window.

Onfleet’s software offers three plans, depending on how many drivers you need. The basic package costs $349 a month, while the premium package starts at $799/EUR677 per mo. Onfleet’s routing software also incorporates a smart GPS, which can re-optimize routes on the fly. In addition to optimizing routes, Onfleet also offers drivers a mobile app, automated notifications, and real-time driver tracking.

Most route optimization software comes with reporting features. Onfleet’s software allows managers and drivers to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). It also offers the option to segment data and identifies costly bottlenecks in the delivery process. Additionally, route optimization can help delivery companies save money by improving the efficiency of their routes. A simple optimized route leads to faster delivery times and higher profits. Achieving a higher level of service will make drivers happier, and customers will appreciate the convenience of fast, efficient delivery.

Onfleet’s Intelligent Vehicle

Onfleet’s new route optimization engine takes into account historical traffic data, real-time road speed, and various constraints to help fleet managers maximize their routes. Whether fleet managers are using Onfleet to optimize their routes or simply to track their fleet’s performance, Onfleet offers powerful, intuitive software. With millions of users, Onfleet can improve the way fleets deliver goods.

With Onfleet, transportation companies can realize huge efficiency gains and potentially make a profit. It’s software matches deliveries with optimal drivers based on their pickup/dropoff locations. This technology can save up to 50% on fleet operations. Furthermore, Onfleet’s fleet software can meet regulatory requirements and improve worker safety. The company says its integration will allow fleet operators to meet regulatory requirements and save money.

Onfleet’s intelligent vehicle also enables fleet managers to easily analyze their KPIs. It helps identify critical bottlenecks in the delivery process. With these insights, fleet managers can cut costs and improve the efficiency of delivery vehicles. Moreover, route optimization helps companies achieve their delivery goals. It can also improve fleet operations, including fuel consumption and vehicle wear. To learn more about Onfleet’s intelligent vehicle for routing optimization, watch the video below.

Onfleet is an end-to-end delivery management software that integrates route optimization with driver dispatching. It also includes real-time driver tracking, communications, analytics, and proof of delivery. The company powers millions of deliveries per month for thousands of businesses worldwide. This innovative technology also makes delivery logistics simple. For more information, visit Onfleet. They’re a US-based company and have a wide range of industries that utilize their software.

Development Services

Onfleet’s custom software for routing optimization is based on complex algorithms that process a variety of business-specific metrics to produce the fastest and most economical route. This solution can help you save time and money by improving your overall business strategy. Unlike manual route optimization, routing optimization software will take into account a company’s entity details and use these data to find the most efficient route for a given work order. Once you find a solution that meets your needs, you can focus on the next step: evaluating the software’s potential for success.

Onfleet’s solution provides cloud-based inclusions for automated dispatch, route optimization, and fleet tracking. Drivers can access these tools via mobile devices, which makes it easy for them to stay connected to their customers. In addition, route optimization software enables users to make better decisions based on real-time information and driver schedules. Custom integrations and automation can be done using Onfleet’s RESTful API.

Onfleet’s custom software for routing optimization offers three plans. These plans include unlimited drivers, driver-to-dispatch chats, and fleet dispatching. These plans offer robust fleet management capabilities, including predictive ETA notifications, private label tracking pages, and API integration. To make sure you have the right software, you can request a free trial. It takes just 7 days to receive your first shipment.

With routing optimization, Onfleet’s custom software allows you to assign a task to another driver. By analyzing the data gathered by the software, you can see which drivers are delivering to which addresses and reduce fuel and vehicle wear. And all of this can be done easily with Onfleet’s custom software development services for routing optimization. You can choose the features and settings that best meet your needs and budget.