What is Karma? The concept of Karma derives from Buddhism, Hinduism, and various other Eastern philosophies. In these philosophies, Karma is seen as the underlying basis of actions taken in their course of causation.

Karma simply means the path of cause and effect, usually descriptively described as the underlying principle of karmic action, in which an individual’s intentional acts and intentions determine both the nature and result of future occurrences. What exactly is karma? The following are some common ideas about what is karma:

The Buddhist concept of Karma is one of the most deeply held beliefs of humanity. According to the Buddhist doctrine, all things are interdependent and the quality of any given thing is determined by the way that thing has been conditioned (either through birth or death).

Humans are said to be the physical embodiment of karmic seeds, the outcome of previous karmic actions. Humans are believed to have been punished (at one time or another) for past offenses. Karma is therefore the underlying cause of one’s actions in this life, and it is believed that a person can be victimized repeatedly just by virtue of having been victimized before.

Some people subscribe to the opinion that there is not such a thing as karmic luck. They say that no matter how hard anyone tries to achieve something, whether, through work or study, there is always something that could just slip through the cracks and cause the desired results to appear.

For this reason, people must try to be careful in the way they think and act. This is because karmic destiny really does play a role in everything that people do in their lives. The good or bad decisions that people make today will ultimately decide the quality of happiness and joy for tomorrow.

Some people may argue that the above explanation does not make any sense at all. Perhaps, the question that arises from such reasoning is – ‘What is karma?’ To understand karma further, one should first know what it is. One way of looking at is karma is to consider karma as the result of previous actions.

Basically, karma is the accumulated effect of one’s actions in the past. It can be seen as the outcome of the action taken in the past that has an effect on one’s present and future state of mind. These karmic influences are usually the result of having been neglected in the past and are thus manifesting themselves today.

A person who was abused as a child, for instance, is bound to carry this imprint of his/her past karma with him/her throughout his/her life. It is a fact that every thought that one has is reflected back to him/her by the mind. Thus, the question ‘what is karma?’ can be answered by saying that whatever one believes or thinks, gets sent to one’s mind.

For the ignorant, it becomes something quite serious, which calls for some serious introspection, at least at the psychological level, to make the self-questioning necessary to find out the root cause of such a disturbing thought. However, it is also true that what is Karma is something that has already happened in the past.

What was done in the past cannot be undone, but one can always try to understand its underlying meaning better. This is probably why experts prefer to stay away from psychology and just talk about karma. People do tend to ask questions when they are made aware of something that doesn’t seem right.

The best way to deal with such questions is to search deeper into one’s own consciousness. One has to delve deeply into ones’ inner being in order to discover the real meaning of what is karma and one’s place in it. So, what is karma anyway? It is simply the result of what one has done in the past.

This is not as hard to understand as it may sound. When a person performs some action that earns him or her some money, it is considered as an action or result of some previous actions or results.

However, this does not mean that the person is actually responsible for all those acts or results, for what is Karma is simply the combination of actions that one performs in the past that can either be good or bad. If you’re Christian and are interested in knowing what bible says about karma, feel free to pop over to fruitsofspirit.com.