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Please print and read these Terms of Service as it contains important information about our website. Use of the Electroboy site constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service. As the Internet and our site develops over time, these Terms of Service might change. We do encourage you to return again to see if there have been any changes to our Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Service.

The diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses including depression and bipolar disorder (manic depression) require the expertise of a trained mental health care professional. You should see your physician, doctor or a mental health care professional for a diagnosis and treatment. The information that you will find in this website should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care for any psychiatric or psychological disorder. Andy Behrman is not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, or medical doctor. You are using this website for purely informational purposes and waive all claims of liability against Andy Behrman, Electroboy, and Electroboy.com.

While Electroboy.com provides information to anyone in the world, we retain copyright on all text and graphic images located at our site.

This means that you MAY: store or print a single copy of a document or any part of a document published by Electroboy for personal use, provided that http://www.electroboy.com is prominently included on the copy. You may also direct people to the Electroboy website at http://www.electroboy.com. If you wish to make more than a single copy or use any text and/or images or any documents or any portions of any documents published by Electroboy for commercial use, you must obtain permission first. You may however, copy our small logo and advertising banners found on our link exchange page to place on your own website with a direct link back to Electroboy.

This means you MAY NOT: "mirror" our site or include information on your own site or server or use any documents or modify and/or re-use any text or graphics on this site in any form without our express written permission.

In other words, we'd love for you to have a copy of our information to help you with information, just don't change it or try to use it for commercial purposes without obtaining permission first.

About Copyrights

If you want to use any of the information you find at the Electroboy website, for publications, etc., you'll have to obtain permission and adhere to the stipulations of the permission (such as a free copy of the publication, full address credit and the like). If permission isn't explicitly given, you have no right to use it. All images and text is copyright of Electroboy.com.

If you have further questions regarding our terms and conditions, please contact Electroboy.

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